Privacy Policy


Catalina Hotel collects information from our guests and visitors to our web sites in order to provide you with a utility of our sites that meets your needs. Information may be collected to: (i) complete reservations or requests for information, (ii) purchase products or services, (iii) register for membership programs, (iv) submit job applications, (v) respond to communications we send you (e.g., surveys, promotional offers or reservation confirmations), (vi) fulfill your personal preferences, (vii) complete requests for services or recommendations we offer you, (viii) work with third parties, including collecting public use information from social event websites, to help us better understand your interests and provide a more personalized service, (ix) use our applications on your electronic devices, or (x) facilitate the transmission of messages to a friend’s email, if you wish. The type of personal information we collect may include your name, your personal and business address as well as e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers, credit card information, date of birth, gender, and information related to your lifestyle, such as room preferences, recreational activities, names and ages of children, and any other information necessary to fulfill special requests (e.g., certain health conditions requiring special room accommodations). Catalina Hotel may also collect information that is not considered personally identifiable, such as your use of our websites, your communication preferences, travel habits, embedded data related to your accommodations, and responses to promotional offers and surveys. Please note that to better protect your information, you should not include credit card-related information in your electronic communication unless we specifically request it to complete the processing of a reservation or transaction on our branded websites or at our customer service centers.


Catalina Hotel is fully committed to providing you with information regarding the collection and use of individuals provided to us by those who visit and use our websites, products and services. As a practice, we do not request information unless it is necessary or we intend to use it. Some of the main reasons we collect information are as follows:

  • to provide services such as processing a transaction (e.g., making a reservation, responding to a request for information)
  • to send you marketing communications regarding products and services offered by Catalina Hotel, our strategic business partners and other trusted third parties.
  • conduct market research through surveys that allow us to improve the satisfaction of your needs, improve the quality of our websites and your accommodations at our hotels, as well as other communication activities, advertising or promotional campaigns.


In most cases, the information you provide to us is incorporated into our local or international database. As a standard practice, Catalina Hotel does not sell, rent or give physical possession of its database to third parties outside the Catalina Hotel system. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Catalina Hotel may disclose your personal information to others in the situations listed below:

  • When we have your consent.
  • In those situations where it is necessary to transfer your personal data in order to provide you with the products or services you desire (e.g., a vacation package).
  • When companies or service providers who perform business activities on behalf of Catalina Hotel (e.g., credit card processing, customer service, market research administration or database administration services) require this information.
  • In the event Catalina Hotel merges with or is acquired by another company.
  • To comply with legal or regulatory requirements and obligations under applicable law or as a result of a court order or subpoena.
  • In cases of emergencies such as saving the life, preserving the health or property of a person.

In the event that Catalina Hotel shares the information in the terms indicated above, we will try to limit the scope of the data provided to what is necessary to carry out the specific function. Unless precluded by legal process, we will ask third parties to protect your information and to abide by applicable personal data protection laws and regulations.


Catalina Hotel does not seek to obtain nor does it wish to receive INFORMATION directly from minors. However, we are not always able to determine the age of persons accessing and using our websites. In the event that a minor (defined according to the criteria set forth in applicable law) provides us with his or her information without parental or guardian consent, we ask the parent or guardian to contact us and request that we delete this information and unsubscribe the minor from future commercial communications from Catalina Hotel.

In the event that information is provided about minors, Catalina Hotel will ensure the proper use of personal data of children and adolescents under age, ensuring that the processing of their data respects their best interests, and their fundamental rights and as far as possible, taking into account their opinion, as holders of their personal data.